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about me


Let me start by saying that apparently in photos I look harsher and less friendly than I actually am - so I don't encourage you to judge this book by its cover. Who am I? A creative, empathetic soul who has always enjoyed creating parties for every opportunity.


This inner need to celebrate big and small, more and less important moments of life, the ability to create space for this celebration and the love for beauty have long made organizing wedding receptions something that gives me satisfaction every day and my dream job.


My wedding business has evolved over time until I decided to focus on what has always been closest to my heart - sophisticated but at the same time timeless, classic beauty in every dimension. This decision made me authentic in my work and confident in my decisions, creating parties for my clients that will remain in their memories for a long time.

Privately, I like to spend every free moment at the Polish seaside or in the south of Italy - that's what I would have written some time ago. The truth is that, in order to capture moments every day, I take my laptop and sit down with a cup of flat white in one of Krakow's cafes, absorbing the energy of my beloved city. I love cooking (veganizing dishes is my hobby, of which I am extremely proud!), reading books on psychology and spending time with my eight paws - Franciszek, a senior dog, and Alka, a cat (fun fact: during one of the weddings I coordinated, I found a kitten without its mother in the parking lot. I returned home from coordination with the balance of another organized wedding and a cat).


Luxurious, exclusive - in the wedding services market, these terms are used very often and are understood in different ways. For me, luxury is the quality of services provided and individual understanding of the needs of the bride and groom. Regardless of whether we are organizing a party in a 5* hotel, booking a non-standard service, or planning a wedding day contrary to traditions - I am at your disposal to create a unique experience for you and your guests. A wedding, a day that will be yours.

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